How many extra envelopes or escort cards should I order?

I require 15-25% additional envelopes and/or place cards to allow for any last minute changes or mistakes (ink is tricky my friends!)

How should I format my guest list?

Your guest list should be sent as an Excel document and formatted exactly how you would like your envelopes or place/escort cards to be written out, which incluedes "&" signs instead of the word "and", periods after Mr. and Mrs., "Street" written out instead of "St.", etc. Things such as all lower case letters and style of calligraphy can be discussed during our correspondence. If you do not know how to address a certain relationship (such as a female doctor and her husband), please include that question along with your list. This will help us avoid any spelling or etiquette errors.

How long does it take to address 150 calligraphy envelopes?

I like to have 2 weeks to work on a project. The most important thing is to get on my calendar so I can allot the necessary time for your envelopes.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

It is best to book your calligrapher as soon as you decide you want your envelopes professionally addressed. It is very important that I schedule the time on my calendar so, I can make sure I have the time available specifically for you.